Team - a definition (based on a podcast from Jim and Michele McCarthy, "the hypocritical oath")

Team - a definition

Taken from the podcast episode "the hypocritical oath" by Jim and Michele McCarthy.

1. Decide unanimously

It can decide things, and will decide things, unanimously.
They know how to made unanimous decisions, because they have an unanimous decision making mechanism.

2. Has a code of commitment

They have a set of written commitments they made to each other, a sort of constitutions.
Each team member holds each other accountable on this "code of commitment".

Accountability is not based on what "the boss" says. It's not like "I'm holding you accountable for doing what I (the boss) say", but more like "I'm holding you accountable for doing what you say you want".

"You're not acting in my mind like you really said you want to"

3. Cares about each other

"I care that we do something great together."