Reflections around Hiring

Evolving vs holding true to your core values

There are two conflicting forces and you as a company have to continually make the right decisions regarding this trade-off:

  1. as a company we have to evolve, follow your ideas, discover and explore new markets, and hiring is the key for a company to evolve.
  2. as a company, you want to hold true to your core values (e.g. XPeppers belives in agile values: communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, respect) and hiring is a key factor again to assess the "cultural fit".

Benefits of reflecting on your hiring process

The first benefits of thinking about your hiring process is that it will force you to think about

  1. Your values: what kind of values or non-tech qualities, preferences and skills should the candidate have? What are the current team's skills and personalities?
  2. The problems you want to solve: why should I hire someone in the first place? couldn't I resolve my problems without new hires? Why not?

So now you can clear your mind with two important results:

  1. having a shared understanding and declaration of your company's values and your team's values
  2. having a clear target that you want to reach hiring someone.

Now you can build a map that will bring you there. This map will define basically your hiring strategy.

Creating a "everyone recruits" company

Ideally, you want everyone in your company to be able to attract perspective hires, and to recruit them.

Nevertheless, you have to keep a balance between

So, collect those info and build a shared knowledge, but not too much details in doing that.

How to evaluate and assess cultural fit

Candidate qualities, preferences and non-tech skills

Necessary qualities:


For how the job should be done vs how the candidate likes to work.

Non-tech skills