The Manager's Role in Creating Effective Teams - Johanna Rothman

The manager's role is simple to say and quite difficult to do:

Here are some ways the manager can create that environment:

That means that managers do less work with the team.
Managers don't control, dictate, or tell people what to do. Instead, managers pay attention to the team's environment and culture.

The manager protects the team from people-based disruption, which can run the gamut from multitasking to people entering or exiting the team too frequently before the team has a chance to build trust with each other.

The manager might create team building activities: up to a day of work where the team has to focus as a team to finish work. (I'm talking about the work the team does at work, not ropes courses or any other physical activity.) I find swarming and mobbing excellent team building activities. You don't need to be agile to use swarming or mobbing. They work on any project.

Sometimes, the most difficult part for a manager is trusting people to do the work. If you're a manager, you might ask these questions:

These questions and their answers can help create a collaboration between the manager and the team that does not involve controlling what the team does.

-- Johanna Rothman