Don’t be afraid to share your experiences!

During my career as a manager, I always encouraged team members to visit other organizations and conferences. Encouraging team members to learn from other experiences was, and is, very important in my view on things. If you never go out to learn, you will always work in the same old bubble. It is important to go out, to discover and to learn, to get excited and perhaps even energized, to yearn to start trying things yourself and to break out of your knowledge bubble.

Sharing experiences and learning from others will make you a better professional. People will ask you questions that will trigger you to think about how you do things, or to remember what is was your were solving. It will keep you from preventing to go into we-are-doing-OK-no-need-to-improve mode.

In the end, sharing information will make you feel good. When people are interested in the way you are doing things, it makes you feel proud. They want to learn from you, they are curious what you accomplished.

-- Ralph van Roosmalen,