Experiment #1: Write your Cover Letter

Experiment #1: Write your Cover Letter

Present yourself, writing a letter like the ones which are attached to a resume when you apply for a job position.

Then, publish it to your collegues and work friends.

Ask therefore for a feedback to your collegues and friends: does it describe me effectively? How can I improve it?

Expected Benefits

  1. Learn (or re-learn) to describe yourself to others
  2. Reflect on your current professional career, on your job history so far.
  3. Think about your strengths, talents, skills.
  4. This public description of yourself will help you to gather honest and focused feedback from your collegues. For example if I write about me that "I do programming kata with my younger collegues every other day" but then actually I don't do that (for whatever reason), I want someone to tell me this.

Some examples