Learning Object Oriented Python

Learning Object Oriented Python

I wrote this as a guide for a financial analyst friend of mine looking to learn Python. He is already fairly well versed in doing Project Euler problems in Ruby. All italicized text is for the benefit of any other readers, such as yourself.

Each section is divided into a short resource (10 minutes or less), a long resource (days to weeks or more), and a challenge.


So what you're looking to do is to be able to recreate financial models in code. And other types of models. This is a noble pursuit.

I recommend learning object oriented programming (OOP) in Python. But first, learn python:



Anyway, those are my thoughts as they stand. Let me know what you think, and if you run into any snags, let me know! I'd be glad to work on pretty much anything with you.


Brian Kung

Some additional resources, recommended by TJ. You'll definitely read the docs while coding, and you should also know the style and spirit in which Python is written. I've added the style guides and "The Zen of Python" for the latter two considerations.